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Ariane DeVere
Transcripts (and variations on the full transcripts) – now available to download 
14th-Sep-2015 03:06 pm
CP - can I have your attention Not gif
Transcripts, transcripts, and more transcripts

You’re the second person to say that to me today
For years people asked, “Why hasn’t Ariane made the transcripts available to download?” To which my answer was always along the lines of, “You know why she’s here? She’s not paid or anything.” And, to be honest, the last thing I wanted was people taking downloads and scurrying off without even bothering to post a comment at the bottom of my Livejournal pages.

But eventually I relented and made the transcripts available to download.

What would you do, Vivian Ariane? Go for a stroll? Make a paper aeroplane? Update a lot of transcript files?
I originally made the transcripts downloadable in September 2015. Since then there’s been The Abominable Bride, and now Season 4. Adding these to all the different files listed below was annoying but necessary but I suddenly realised: there might be people out there who’ve downloaded earlier versions of the files and then have done some major editing and/or annotations. The last thing they would need is to have to download a new version and then transfer all their notes.

Not ‘ammo’ as in ‘ammunition’ but ‘amo,’ meaning ...? So did I shrug and think, “Not my problem”? I could have done, but because I’m an idiot a heroine a martyr to the cause stupidly OCD about such things, I have not only added Season 4 to every file, but I have made separate files of Season 4 only, for the benefit of those who don’t want to mess with their original downloads but would like to add the new episodes at the end.

I imagine people have already warned you to stay away from transcripts, but I can see from your left hand that’s not going to happen
So here it is. One single file containing all the episodes (including the pilot, Many Happy Returns and the Special). 631 pages, with a page index and everything!

All episodes: Word (.docx, c.1.2 MB) / PDF (c.5.6 MB)
Season 4 only: Word (.docx, c.292 KB) / PDF (c.1.3 MB)

I’ve got Miss DeVere on semi-permanent mute
Do you trudge through part of a transcript looking for a particular conversation or just one line, but are constantly fed up with having to skim past all the descriptive stuff written by your dedicated and humble transcriber? Don’t you wish there was a version with just the dialogue?

Now there is. No descriptions of the scenes or voice tones, and none of DeVere’s snarky asides. One single file containing all the episodes (including the pilot, MHR and the Special) with just the speaker and the spoken words. A mere 278 pages!

All episodes: Word (.docx, c.477 KB) or as a PDF (c.1.7 MB)
Season 4 only: Word (.docx, c.140 KB) / PDF (c.800 KB)

I guarantee you – on behalf of the Sherlock fandom – that materials will be found on your computer hard drives resulting in your immediate ability to find the required line of dialogue. Don’t reply – just look delighted and flail wildly
You’re planning a fic or a meta, or you want to prove a point by quoting that particular line that Mycroft said in ... dammit, which episode did he say that line in? You can’t remember and so, especially if you can’t remember the quote well enough to do a word search, you’ve got to plough through all the transcripts to find it.

Not any more. I have given myself chronic RSI by cutting and pasting the lines spoken by all the major characters so that, for example, all of Mycroft’s lines from every episode are listed together. I’ve selected 27 of the major characters who appear in all or several episodes (e.g. Mycroft, Jim, Molly, Greg, Mrs H ...), and some others who either appear in just a couple of episodes, or appear in only one episode but in more than one scene (e.g. Irene, Janine, Henry, Eurus ...). Of course, it might not help much if you’re looking for a quote from Sherlock (who says 49877 words) or John (21707 words), but it might be useful for other characters. So here it is: one single file containing a list of lines spoken by 27 of the characters throughout all the episodes (including the pilot, MHR and the Special). 233 pages, with a handy page index so you can easily see who’s included and then jump to the appropriate character’s lines.

Available as a Word (.docx, c. 422 KB) or as a PDF (c.2.5 MB)
There’s just the one edition of this version, with the lines from Season 4 now incorporated.

Oh, you mean it’s actually Christmas
And just a reminder that also available is a file with a side-by-side comparison of the broadcast episode and the pilot episode of A Study in Pink. This sets out identical/similar scenes side-by-side and lines up each identical or similar line, plus shows where the two episodes were different. If you want to see an example of what I’m talking about, go here.

Available as a PDF (c. 1 MB)

I prefer to text
... but if you’re genuinely finding it difficult to download some of the larger files and would perhaps find it easier to have individual Word files of each season, I might be prepared to separate them and make smaller files. Either leave a message here or – if you can’t download even the smaller Word files and need them emailed to you – contact me on Tumblr (callie-ariane) or on Facebook (Ariane DeVere) and be willing to give me an email address.

I can’t tell you how glad we are, Ari. All that time people thinking the worst of you. We’re just so pleased it’s all over
So, that should keep you busy for a while. If there are no more questions for Miss DeVere, I’m going to bring this session to an end. You may now threaten me with a knighthood damehood. I think Dame Ariane has a nice ring to it, don’t you? If you don’t ... I’ll make you into shoes. ;-)


The original transcripts, together with DVD commentary summaries/transcripts, and transcripts of the DVD special features can be found here.

15th-Sep-2015 12:09 am (UTC) - Thank you
This is funny timing... I've gone through all the transcripts and pasted them into a Word file so I could read them on my Kindle.

Last week.

I could have waited a week LOL

Anyway, thank you for that. This is amazing work.
15th-Sep-2015 08:47 am (UTC) - Re: Thank you
Oh, I'm so sorry!! That's really bad timing on my part!
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