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Episode transcripts

Season 1, Episodes 1 – 3
: Cachu Hwch / Up To No Good / Who The F#!k is Michael Sheen?
Season 1, Episodes 4 – 6: Bara Brith / Ulysses / The Cookie Jar
Season 2, Episodes 1 – 4: Saddle Up Sheen! / Long Time, No See / The Dirty Mochyns / Woofty Doofty, David
Season 2, Episodes 5 – 8: The Warthog And The Mongoose, Parts One and Two / The Loo Recluse / Until They Get Home
DVD – Outtakes: Outtakes
To download a Word or PDF document of all 14 transcripts plus the Outtakes transcript, click here. Click on one of the files called “Staged transcripts – all episodes.” It will open in Preview mode and there should be a ‘Download’ button near the top right which will let you save the file to your own computer.


DVD audio commentaries

Episode 1
: In The Beginning (Neil Gaiman and Douglas Mackinnon)
Episode 2: The Book (David Arnold and Francesco Reidy)
Episode 3: Hard Times (Neil Gaiman and Douglas Mackinnon)
Episode 4: Saturday Morning Funtime (Michael Ralph and Claire Anderson)
Episode 5: The Doomsday Option (Maggie Service and Nina Sosanya)
Episode 6: The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives (Neil Gaiman and Douglas Mackinnon)


Episode transcripts

Season 1
: A Study in Pink / The Blind Banker / The Great Game
                A Study in Pink (pilot episode)
                A Study in Pink - the broadcast episode and the pilot episode compared side by side (downloadable pdf file)

Season 2: A Scandal in Belgravia / The Hounds of Baskerville / The Reichenbach Fall

Season 3: Mini episode: Many Happy Returns / The Empty Hearse / The Sign of Three / His Last Vow

The Special: The Abominable Bride

Season 4: The Six Thatchers / The Lying Detective / The Final Problem

        The transcripts are downloadable (Word and PDF). You can find links to the various versions here.

DVD episode audio commentaries
A Study in Pink / The Great Game / A Scandal in Belgravia / The Hounds of Baskerville / The Empty Hearse / His Last Vow

DVD special feature transcripts
Season 1: Unlocking Sherlock
Season 2: Sherlock Uncovered
Season 3: Fans, Villains and Speculation – The Legacy of Sherlock Holmes / Shooting Sherlock / The Fall
Season 3 Special Edition: Deleted scene from “His Last Vow” / Series outtakes
The Special (The Abominable Bride): Mark Gatiss – a Study in Sherlock / Creating the Look / Mark Gatiss Production Diary and Writers’ Interview / Sherlockology Q&A
Season 4: Behind 221B / The Writer’s Chat / Script to Screen / Set Tour: John and Mary’s Flat / Mark Gatiss Video Diary: On Set / Mark Gatiss Video Diary: Final Scenes / Danny Hargreaves Video Diary / Timelapse: Building 221B

My Sherlock fanfiction, macros, etc
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CABIN PRESSUREepisode transcripts, reports of live episode recordings, my fiction and macros
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PRIMEVALmy fiction and macros
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MISCELLANEOUSthe stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere (including transcripts of the Sherlock parodies; Benedict Cumberbatch in “Look Back in Anger”; and the Frankenstein Q&A with Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonny Lee Miller and Danny Boyle. Plus cupcakes)
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GO - A and C and heart

Good Omens fic: All Alone in the Moonlight

Author: Ariane DeVere
Word count: 1697
Rating: PG / Teen and Up
Tags: love, separation, loss, loneliness, pining, Gabriel and Michael are nice – no I’m not even kidding – they’re actually nice, memory loss, reunion, happy ending

Summary: Not all angels were pair-bonded, but many of those who were bonded suffered greatly after Lucifer began the rebellion against the Great Plan. When those who followed him fell, many pairs were separated, never to be together again.

One particular angel cannot allow himself to forget his lost love, and Gabriel and Michael have no choice but to take action.

Centuries later, Michael takes further action to remedy what she and Gabriel did all that time ago.

Loosely based around the lyrics of ‘Memory’ from “Cats.”

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Staged transcripts

Staged – transcript of Outtakes

Staged – transcript of Outtakes

Script by Simon Evans
Transcript by Ariane DeVere

These transcripts are not intended as a breach of copyright. They are provided purely for the benefit of those whose first language is not English, who have hearing difficulties, or who find it difficult to follow subtitles/closed captions.
If Simon, the Execs or the BBC feel this is not appropriate, I can be contacted here, or on Twitter @ CallieAriane (I’ve deliberately followed Simon, and Phin, and Staged on Twitter) and will, of course, take them down on request.
PLEASE NOTE: If you post a comment here and you’re not registered with Dreamwidth, your comment will be screened automatically until I unlock it, so please be patient for it to appear on screen.

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GO - A and C with icecream

Good Omens fic: Numerically speaking, I've always loved you

Title: Numerically speaking, I’ve always loved you
: Ariane DeVere
Word count: 18,802
Rating: PG / Teen and up

A journey through history with an angel and a demon who are supposed to be on opposite sides but repeatedly fail to remember that they’re meant to be enemies and soon – well, within a few thousand years – begin to realise that they’re way more than just casual acquaintances.

Eleven short(ish) stories, each based around one of the ten scenes from the Episode 3 cold open, plus an epilogue. Each chapter contains the same number of words as the year in which the scene takes place, e.g. chapter 1, based in 4004 BC, is 4004 words long; chapter 10 in Soho is 1967 words long, etc ... Chapters 3 and 4 in particular are therefore very short! Total word count including 2019 epilogue (although AO3 will indicate otherwise): 18,802. Plus a numerically-related Author’s Note.

Tags: ineffable idiots, Episode 3 cold opening, Hard Times, hurt/comfort, friendship, (im)mortal enemies, they were never (im)mortal enemies were they, enemies to friends, friends to something more, idiots in love, idiots taking forever to realise they’re in love, idiots realising they’re in love, idiots uncertain how to cope with being in love, self-doubt, self-questioning, Crowley’s a rubbish demon, Aziraphale’s a rubbish angel, or so they think, and they’re probably right, humour, angst, unhappiness, death of humans in Mesopotamia, death of humans in the London Blitz, decapitation of demons (brief mention), internal querying of the will of the Almighty, internal querying of the expectations of a demon, choosing to be on their own side, finally confessing their feelings for each other, final chapter is in 2019 so we know it’ll be a happy ending, because I’m soft

Available on AO3.

GO - A and C and heart

Good Omens fic: Say It

Author: Ariane DeVere
Word count: 1219
Rating: PG / Teen and Up
Tags: ineffable husbands, missing scene from episode 6, love, fear, unable to tell his best friend the truth, the bloody coward, stop making excuses to yourself you bloody idiot, just tell him, just SAY IT

Summary: He can’t bring himself to say it. They may only have hours to live, but still he can’t bring himself to say it. Shouldn’t he just tell him, before it’s too late?

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GO - Zira wing over Crawly

Good Omens fic: Over and over and over and over and over (and over and over)

Author: Ariane DeVere
Word count: 3251
Rating: PG / Teen and Up
Tags: ineffable husbands, missing scene from episode 5, (incorrectly) assumed major character death, angst, grief, rage, emotional trauma, then new scene post-episode 6, Deliberate Tense Change at that point, more angst, hurt/comfort, friendship, best friends, positive/hopeful ending, you can ship it if you want to, but you don’t have to if you’d rather not

Summary: Sitting in the wreckage of the burning book shop, Crowley needs to know who started the fire which killed his best friend. When he reverses time and finds the origin of the conflagration, he learns that the culprit is the last person he would ever have imagined. Later, after Armageddon didn’t geddon, it all gets too much for him. Aziraphale is there to help him through his anguish.

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