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Ariane DeVere
Primeval - Connor whole lotta WTF
Index of Sherlock, Cabin Pressure and Primeval entries


All the links below now go to my blog on Dreamwidth.
If, for some reason, you prefer to use Livejournal, you’ll need to use the appropriate Entry Tag at the bottom of the left column. If, for example, you’re looking for Sherlock transcripts, click on “sherlock episode transcript”.


Episode transcripts

Season 1
: A Study in Pink / The Blind Banker / The Great Game
                A Study in Pink (pilot episode)
                A Study in Pink - the broadcast episode and the pilot episode compared side by side (downloadable pdf file)

Season 2: A Scandal in Belgravia / The Hounds of Baskerville / The Reichenbach Fall

Season 3: Mini episode: Many Happy Returns / The Empty Hearse / The Sign of Three / His Last Vow

The Special: The Abominable Bride

Season 4: The Six Thatchers / The Lying Detective / The Final Problem

        The transcripts are downloadable (Word and PDF). You can find links to the various versions here.

DVD episode audio commentaries
A Study in Pink / The Great Game / A Scandal in Belgravia / The Hounds of Baskerville / The Empty Hearse / His Last Vow

DVD special feature transcripts
Season 1: Unlocking Sherlock
Season 2: Sherlock Uncovered
Season 3: Fans, Villains and Speculation – The Legacy of Sherlock Holmes / Shooting Sherlock / The Fall
Season 3 Special Edition: Deleted scene from “His Last Vow” / Series outtakes
The Special (The Abominable Bride): Mark Gatiss – a Study in Sherlock / Creating the Look / Mark Gatiss Production Diary and Writers’ Interview / Sherlockology Q&A
Season 4: Behind 221B / The Writer’s Chat / Script to Screen / Set Tour: John and Mary’s Flat / Mark Gatiss Video Diary: On Set / Mark Gatiss Video Diary: Final Scenes / Danny Hargreaves Video Diary / Timelapse: Building 221B

My Sherlock fanfiction, macros, etc
Index here.

CABIN PRESSUREepisode transcripts, reports of live episode recordings, my fiction and macros
Index here.

PRIMEVALmy fiction and macros
Index here.

MISCELLANEOUSthe stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere (including transcripts of the Sherlock parodies; Benedict Cumberbatch in “Look Back in Anger”; and the Frankenstein Q&A with Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonny Lee Miller and Danny Boyle. Plus cupcakes)
Index here.

5th-Jul-2019 02:11 pm - Good Omens fic: Celestial Harmonies
Good Omens - A and C and heart
Title: Celestial Harmonies
: Ariane DeVere
Word count: 2603
Rating: PG
Warnings, kinks and contents: Ineffable Husbands, Friendship, Love, Kindness, OFC, character death (not major character), It’s sad but hopefully beautiful too

Summary: Can flights of angels sing you to your sleep? Can angels sing at all? When the life of an elderly human friend of our ineffable husbands is near its end, can Aziraphale remember his heritage and help ease her last moments?

Note: Partially inspired by Michael Sheen’s heart-wrenching reply to a Tweet in the middle of June 2019.

Do note the tags. There is a minor character death in this story, but it isn’t a traumatic one.

Celestial HarmoniesCollapse )
Good Omens - A and C outside the nunnery

Yes indeed, you may well look shocked! This is not a Sherlock fic; I repeat, this is not a Sherlock fic! I’m not sure whether I’m chuffed to bits or terrified about venturing into a new fandom for the first time. So, brace yourselves, everybody, and here we go:

Title: The Touch of his Hand
: Ariane DeVere
Word count: 7285
Rating: PG
Warnings, kinks and contents: Ineffable Husbands, The Elephant in the Room, Idiots in Love, Declarations of Love, Heartbreak, Anguish, Angst, Danger, Endangerment, Anything for Love, BAMF Aziraphale, Eventual Happy Ending

Summary: After far too long, our ineffable idiots finally pluck up the courage to admit their feelings for each other. It’s all quite lovely and the future looks like it’s going to be rosy. But fate is never that kind, and soon it all goes to Hell and back. Pretty much literally.

The Touch of his HandCollapse )
Squee bunny
Title: Saint Bartholomew, Chapter 4
Word count
: 221 (plus a long rambling Author’s Note)
Rating (for the overall story): PG

Saint Bartholomew, Chapter 4Collapse )
Sherlock - 221B door
Title: Saint Bartholomew, Chapter 3
Word count
: 1907
Rating: PG

[This chapter takes place about a year after Season 4 of blessed memory. (As in: it would be a blessed mercy if Season 4 (or at least episode 3) were wiped from my memory ...)]

Saint Bartholomew, Chapter 3Collapse )
CP - can't enjoy it if you'll kill us al
Title: Saint Bartholomew, Chapter 2
Word count
: 2669
Rating: PG

[Inspired by readers’ comments on AO3 on the original standalone 221B ficlet, this longer ‘missing scene’ takes place between the second and third segments of that story, i.e. after the Fall and before Sherlock’s return.

Saint Bartholomew, chapter 2Collapse )
21st-May-2019 09:29 am - Sherlock fic: Saint Bartholomew
Squee bunny
Title: Saint Bartholomew
: Ariane DeVere
Word count: 221 (+ 221B Author’s Note)
Rating: G (though the AN goes a bit potentially PG)
Warnings, kinks and contents: So much fluff (literally) that it’ll make your teeth rot.

Summary: Sherlock rarely reveals much about his youth. When John finds out something about his childhood and makes a nice gesture, why should Sherlock care? After all, sentiment? Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side.

Saint BartholomewCollapse )
CP - I'll just be really excited
After the sad demise of their previous home, all the Cabin Pressure transcripts have now been loaded to my Dreamwidth blog.

As an added bonus, I’ve put together a single document containing all 27 episode transcripts, plus the transcript of the interview with John Finnemore which appeared on the CD boxset and which contains a few out-takes from the show. Basically it’s like a little gang of shops that have gone on holiday together. The 304 page Word document can be downloaded to your own devices.

Full details of how to acquire the downloadable document, plus links to each individual transcript if you prefer that, and links to other Cabin Pressure stuff that I’ve done over the years, are here.

(Special shout-out to redscharlach for her superb icons, many of which I’ve used with the transcripts.)

CP - deck the halls
Cabin Pressure Transcript: 2.7 Molokai

Script by John Finnemore
Transcript by Ariane DeVere

A link back to this page would be kind if you are cutting and pasting extracts from this transcript to post on your own blog, Tumblr etc.

DOUGLAS: Air con?
DOUGLAS: Anti-collision light?
DOUGLAS: Fuel pump switches?
DOUGLAS: Dasher?
DOUGLAS: Dancer?
DOUGLAS: Prancer and Vixen?
MARTIN: On. Comet?
MARTIN: Cupid!
MARTIN: Donner and Blitzen?
DOUGLAS: To the top of the porch, to the top of the wall.
MARTIN Dash away ...
DOUGLAS and MARTIN: ... dash away, dash away, all!
This Christmas, Molokai!Collapse )
CP - bored
Cabin Pressure Transcript: 2.6 Limerick

Script by John Finnemore
Transcript by Ariane DeVere

A link back to this page would be kind if you are cutting and pasting extracts from this transcript to post on your own blog, Tumblr etc.

DOUGLAS (over cabin address system): Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We’re now about halfway through our flight from Hong Kong to Limerick, and I just thought I’d let you know that I ... am ... bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored ... bored. We are, unbelievably, still flying over Russia, which continues to be stupidly big. Really enormous. Far bigger than necessary. We’ve been in the air now for about a week, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be landing until the last syllable of recorded time. So, if anyone on board knows any card tricks, ghost stories, or would like to have some sex, please do make your way to the flight deck. Thank you.
(Slight pause.)
MARTIN (over cabin address system): Er, ladies and gentlemen, I do – I do profoundly apologise for my first officer and his badly misjudged attempt at humour. I do hope you weren’t distressed by his outburst, and-and let me just say in his defence that up here in the flight deck it is ... unbelievably boring!
DOUGLAS: So boring.
MARTIN: So very very very very boring!
DOUGLAS and MARTIN (simultaneously): Bo-ored!
This week, Limerick!Collapse )
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