Ariane DeVere (arianedevere) wrote,
Ariane DeVere

Good Omens fic: Numerically speaking, I've always loved you

Title: Numerically speaking, I’ve always loved you
: Ariane DeVere
Word count: 18,802
Rating: PG / Teen and up

A journey through history with an angel and a demon who are supposed to be on opposite sides but repeatedly fail to remember that they’re meant to be enemies and soon – well, within a few thousand years – begin to realise that they’re way more than just casual acquaintances.

Eleven short(ish) stories, each based around one of the ten scenes from the Episode 3 cold open, plus an epilogue. Each chapter contains the same number of words as the year in which the scene takes place, e.g. chapter 1, based in 4004 BC, is 4004 words long; chapter 10 in Soho is 1967 words long, etc ... Chapters 3 and 4 in particular are therefore very short! Total word count including 2019 epilogue (although AO3 will indicate otherwise): 18,802. Plus a numerically-related Author’s Note.

Tags: ineffable idiots, Episode 3 cold opening, Hard Times, hurt/comfort, friendship, (im)mortal enemies, they were never (im)mortal enemies were they, enemies to friends, friends to something more, idiots in love, idiots taking forever to realise they’re in love, idiots realising they’re in love, idiots uncertain how to cope with being in love, self-doubt, self-questioning, Crowley’s a rubbish demon, Aziraphale’s a rubbish angel, or so they think, and they’re probably right, humour, angst, unhappiness, death of humans in Mesopotamia, death of humans in the London Blitz, decapitation of demons (brief mention), internal querying of the will of the Almighty, internal querying of the expectations of a demon, choosing to be on their own side, finally confessing their feelings for each other, final chapter is in 2019 so we know it’ll be a happy ending, because I’m soft

Available on AO3.

Tags: good omens, good omens fic

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