Ariane DeVere (arianedevere) wrote,
Ariane DeVere

I haz a (fake) Belstaff

And Sherlock looks a whole lot prettier in it than me, but I've never loved a piece of clothing more than I adore this.  This was advertised on eBay, and I spent weeks trying to talk myself out of it, because it was advertised as cosplay and not a "proper" coat.  It cost just under 200 quid inclusive of shipping from Hong Kong to Britain, and was squeezed so tightly into a small plastic bag that it looked more like the package contained one of John's jumpers than a honkin' great greatcoat, so Customs just waved it through without even opening it and so I didn't incur any additional charges.

But this is way more than just a cosplay.  It's lined, for goodness' sake! It has a small inside pocket for a pink phone!  And it's so well put-together that it feels like it'll last a long time even with everyday wear (and I must be the only person in Britain cursing the mild weather we're having at present!).

I now know what it's like to feel like a million dollars when you're wearing something.  I've never had something made to fit before (obviously - there aren't many people out there who make clothes for people of my size) and every time I put the Coat on I immediately feel fantastic.  I'm almost embarrassed to wear it, cos I'm sure it deserves a better-looking owner. 

But what else would you wear underneath a fake Belstaff than ...

(It was actually "Wear It Pink" day at work where everyone was encouraged to wear pink clothing to raise funds for breast cancer research - though I had a bit of a secondary reason ...)


If you squint really hard at the picture below you can just about see where they've added the 'triangle' detail, although the vent doesn't actually go up beyond the bottom of the belt.


And finally - and simply because I can say it now ... (*giggles and bounces excitedly*) ...

(With thanks to Jo for taking the photos and for putting up with my repeated impatient bouncing on my seat while I waited (very intolerantly) for her to load them to a flash drive for me!)


Tags: my fake belstaff, sherlock

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