April 5th, 2014

Sherlock parody - squirrel parenting ski

Sherlock parodies – Transcripts of “Oklahomo” and “Mind Phallus”

Sherlock parodies – Transcripts of “Oklahomo” and “Mind Phallus”

I have been reliably informed that some people whose first language is not English have either struggled to enjoy these hilarious videos or haven’t watched them at all, knowing that they would struggle to enjoy them. I have therefore done transcripts of each one in the hope that this will help. I have only transcribed the spoken words and not what is happening visually. If you haven’t seen these videos yet because of the above reasons, can I suggest that you watch them first and then rewatch with the transcripts.

And trust me, don’t try to read these if you haven’t seen the videos, or your head will explode.

There are a few bits I may have got wrong, so I’m happy to take suggestions of corrections!

I hope a few people find these useful! After all, I didn’t have anything better to do on my birthday ...

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