October 21st, 2014

Sherlock - eyes closed

Sherlock fic: Road to Freedom

Title: Road to Freedom
: Ariane DeVere
Lite-beta and general pom-pom waving (that says POM-POM, you filthy-minded reader, you): Mirith Griffin and Squire. My love and thanks to you both.
Word count: 4832
Rating: R for language and potentially disturbing content
Warning: Torture (actual and implied), whump, angst, loneliness, hurt/comfort. Eventual positive ending.

Summary: The only thing that might have helped to keep Sherlock going while he attempted to destroy Moriarty’s network was the sound of John’s voice. Sherlock was used to talking to him out loud even if he wasn’t actually there, and he was also used to John answering him, at least inside his head.

So why wouldn’t John answer him now, when he needed him so much?

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