April 6th, 2017

CP - Bing-bong

Setting up a second home – a PSA on behalf of Ari and the "Sherlock" transcripts

Because of the kerfuffle over the new Livejournal terms and conditions, I thought it wise to set up a Dreamwidth account for the benefit of people who are no longer comfortable using LJ. It made sense to do this anyway, because I’ve always been worried that if Livejournal should have a fatal meltdown, I would have to reload everything manually to another site, and this latest situation gave me the nudge to get on with it.

I (hopefully) transferred everything over to the new DW account yesterday. Of course, at present all the links in my Index go straight back to the Livejournal entries. It’ll take me weeks months to update the links to go to the Dreamwidth equivalent pages, plus I’ll also have to edit the Go to Part 2 / Return to Part 1 links inside each page of the transcripts. So that’ll be fun(!)

For the present I’m keeping this Livejournal blog open, mainly because there are so many fics and metas out there which provide a link to LJ. So unless things get drastically worse on LJ, I won’t be thinking about deleting this account. Once I’ve updated everything, I’ll put a big notice on the Index linking across to the Dreamwidth blog.

But anyway, if you would rather follow me on Dreamwidth instead of here, my new account is here. If I’ve set everything up properly, whenever I post anything new on DW it will automatically post to here as well for those who still follow this blog.