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Ariane DeVere
Sherlock fic: Coming Together 
21st-Sep-2011 08:52 pm
Benedict - Metro
Title: Coming Together
Authors: Atlin Merrick, Ariane DeVere and Verity Burns
Word count: 221
Rating: R
Warnings: Slashy sex
Summary: John and Sherlock are reunited after a brief separation.

On a rather high-spirited (but not drunk at all, good lord no ...) weekend round at my place, Atlin Merrick, Verity Burns and I wondered what John and Sherlock would do after not seeing one another for a week. Here’s what we think happened when they, um, came together again.

Coming Together

"At Lin's birthday party, Sherlock… really?"

"I haven't seen you for a week, John. Seven days – 168 hours – it's unfeasible to wait any longer."

"Sherlock, Harry and Lin paid for this hotel room – we've got to at least go down and say hello."

"Oh, we'll go down, John."


"In twenty minutes."


"Thirty. Thirty minutes."


"An hour."


Sherlock swarmed close, pushing his tongue into John's mouth. A while later he purred, "Exactly right… shhhhh."

This time John didn't say anything. But he did a whole hell of a lot.

Sliding one hand down Sherlock's pants, he tugged his lover into a kiss with the other, then maneuvered those short but nimble legs until he had his sweetheart on the rug.


A few seconds more and trousers and pants were gone, and –


Moments more and long bare legs were spread wide, and –


The good doctor looked up, mouth wide open…

"The… uh… DeVere Hotel… has…"

… pressed his tongue to his bottom lip…

"… p-perfectly good… beds."

… pooled soft breath over a hard detective.

This time Sherlock said nothing.

Ninety-eight minutes and three orgasms later, John straightened Sherlock's tie, and smiled. "Well you look very smug, my love."

Sated, well-shagged, and more than a little sex-drunk, Sherlock grinned widely. "I should. I've got carpet Burns."


So this is what happens when Atlin Merrick and Verity Burns descend on the DeVere house: they kick me out of my bed, sleep together (oh the tales I could tell ...), eat all my bloody M&S cheese straws, and drink all my shiraz and coke (not in the same glass, I hasten to add). But while discussing the idea of writing a collaboration Verity came up with the idea of incorporating our names into the fic and then, while we were waiting for the boat to set off from Greenwich on our trip up the river, she scribbled down the first few sentences of the story before handing over to Atlin to write the porn. Because I can’t write to order like those clever buggers, I was left to come up with a suggestion for how to end the fic bearing in mind that the last word would have to be ‘Burns’. Without even thinking, I nonchalantly said over my shoulder to the girls, “Put ‘carpet’ in front of it.” How we didn’t get thrown overboard by the crew after twenty minutes of non-stop hysterical giggling I don’t know.

I’m not sure whether suggesting just one word makes me a co-author, but I’m honoured to have done any kind of collaborating with those two.

Brilliant weekend. Come back soon, babes.


Click across to Atlin’s and Verity’s blogs for their own version of events!! (Memories of the weekend may differ ...)

(So there I was writing my A.N. in the bedroom while the other two were on their laptops in the lounge writing theirs, and just as I was about to call out, “Umm, guys, I appear to have accidentally written a 221B for my Author’s Note,” Verity cried out triumphantly, “My Author’s Note is 221 words long!” She immediately went for a slight re-write to get a ‘b’ word at the end and then Atlin was all, “Hell, I’m not getting left out of this!”)

Oh, and the moment that Verity came up with the title of the fic is another great memory from the weekend ... which very nearly got us kicked off the London Underground.

Good times.

(Deleted comment)
21st-Sep-2011 08:29 pm (UTC)
I should have bloody guessed you'd already 221B'd your A.N.!

I must have been channelling you when I got the word count accidentally. One day I'm going to do something clever... on purpose.

Just re-living the weekend while we've been posting this... thank you so much for making it possible - and apologies to your neighbours!!
(Deleted comment)
21st-Sep-2011 09:27 pm (UTC)
I've been surrounded by clever all weekend and even I'm prepared to accept a claim of 'clever' for writing one sodding word!

And if the neighbours complain, I'll jolly well show them what all the noise was about. And then they'll be impressed and glad that one day they'll be able to tell their grandkids that they were there the day that MerrickDeVereBurns wrote their first million seller.

Or something.
21st-Sep-2011 08:36 pm (UTC)
A 221B brass medal for all of you!
Love love LOVE the collaboration.
I could only wish for such fun here in the wilds of PA. And it it is so obvious that you all need to keep doing this, it really does not need to be said more than once.
Have some more fun, soon. :D
21st-Sep-2011 08:44 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had an amazing weekend (no, I am not jealous. At all...)


Love your AN! And of course the carpet burns! *lol*
21st-Sep-2011 08:52 pm (UTC)
So yeah I did read all three versions of the authors' notes, lol. This fic is adorable and hot and just bril. :) Lovely work, y'all.
21st-Sep-2011 10:41 pm (UTC)
Oh, too fun, too too fun! *cheers for multiple fic-gasms*
22nd-Sep-2011 12:58 am (UTC)
You know, all of the author notes are as funny as the fic. :)

Loved it! It was funny and hot, two things I love in a short piece.
22nd-Sep-2011 01:52 am (UTC)
Well done, all!! I esp. liked your name's appearance. It was the one that took me a minute, actually. I was all, "WHERE IS IT?" and then when I saw it, I had to go, "Oh geez. Duh." :-)
22nd-Sep-2011 06:18 am (UTC)
You were looking for "Ari", weren't you?!
22nd-Sep-2011 11:26 am (UTC)
23rd-Sep-2011 01:57 am (UTC)
This was wonderful! I'm so very jealous, but also getting a little high off the obvious joyous good times that were had. As I get so much pleasure from all of you, I'm of the opinion you deserve all the laughter and friendship and camaraderie that can come from a mutual obsession. Thanks for letting us all share in that!
23rd-Sep-2011 03:17 am (UTC)
1) This is delightful.
2) This is too funny.
3) The authors' notes are even funnier.
4) Yours is especially funny.
5) I now await future collaborations with delight.
6) These should include excursion boat and Tube incidents, surely?
7) Why am I writing in list form?
8) Thank you, ADV, and your splendidly insane collaborators.
9) Also thank you for reassuring us that Shiraz and Coke weren't in the same drinking vessel at the same time - the idea was making me queasy.
10) Y'all rock.
24th-Sep-2011 05:08 pm (UTC)
6) Most definitely. I think that Livejournal should fund this on behalf of all our readers. *nods*
8) You are most welcome!
9) You are definitely most welcome. But it's a good job we did the boat trip before we hit the shiraz.
10) *blushes*
12th-Aug-2012 04:43 pm (UTC)

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