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Ariane DeVere
Sherlock Transcript: "The Hounds of Baskerville" (part 4) 
12th-Jan-2012 08:20 pm
Sherlock - Hounds
Sherlock, Season 2, episode 2 transcript: The Hounds of Baskerville, part 4

Aaaaand done. *blinks wearily* It’s okay, I can survive on four hours’ sleep a night for another week ...

She’s here! In my house right now! Ludicrously, after being hundreds of miles away all the time we’ve been working on these two transcripts, Verity Burns, my partner in crime on this task, has been sitting in my living room cross-checking this last section while I was in the bedroom tidying up the previous parts, and we’re emailing each other when we could be talking face to face! Now that’s dedication to the cause. Lord knows what it’ll be like once Atlin Merrick and Anarion get here tomorrow – we’ll probably each be in a different room and Skypeing each other ...

Now, where’s the shiraz ...

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12th-May-2012 03:29 pm (UTC) - Thank you so much
Oh my god! I know how much work making a transcript is, and this is absolutely brilliant work!

Thank you so much! :D
15th-May-2012 05:27 am (UTC) - transcripts
Your fingerprints must be worn to faint whorls that could not be traced. This 60+ Yank who passed through adolescence chasing after Watson chasing after Holmes thanks you for putting this great series to print. From the USA Philip Marlowe tips his hat to you.
31st-Aug-2012 08:59 pm (UTC)
5th-Feb-2013 08:54 pm (UTC)
Great thanks! At long last I have a full understanding of the episodes thanks to you!
15th-Jul-2013 05:56 am (UTC)
Something that jumped out at me when I first saw this episode... I don't know if this qualifies as a mistake or some kind of plot device, but in the USA, the two-letter abbreviations for states are always two capital letters, they're never one capital and one lower case. So it should actually be written "Liberty, IN." With those sweaters coming from the USA where the experiment was done, they would know this very well and would've written it on them properly. But then again, seeing it written as "In" is a source of confusion in the story line in that they had to figure out what it meant, and it led Sherlock into many directions in the "mind palace" scene... if it was written as "Liberty, IN," it would be very clear what that meant, and the story would probably have been over in about half the time. So I can't quite tell if that was a mistake or done intentionally. What do you think?
15th-Jul-2013 11:05 am (UTC)
To be honest, nothing surprises me any more about errors made by the production team on Sherlock. They do let the side down quite badly at times. I've commented in Scandal and Reichenbach about their awful newspaper articles; and in the DVD commentary for Hounds Mark Gatiss mentions that the team originally produced the sweatshirt logos so tiny that they could barely be seen.

It wouldn't have taken them that much research to realise that Indiana should be abbreviated IN rather than In, and if they'd just put 'Liberty' in capital letters as well, there wouldn't have been any hint of 'IN' being an American state. But sadly, as I said, I'm not at all surprised by this mistake.
19th-Oct-2013 12:18 am (UTC) - Thank You; Effort; WOW...
I just finished watching this episode! (: I wanted to quote Sherlock, so I searched the phrase online (to make sure I got it absolutely correct) and randomly found this. I am utterly amazed! (^_^) It is so detailed and easily-read; I cannot imagine the effort and time your face to type it all out? O: O:
Ha ha- you're amazing. *thumb up* Super impressive! Cx
WOW!! xD And thank you for typing it all out like this. C: C:
10th-Dec-2013 03:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you soooo much!!! It's great!!! There's nothing I missed!!! Awesome!!! :D
25th-Jan-2014 07:54 am (UTC)

Thank you so much for this transcript!
So I realized something after watching His Last Vow. Sherlock had a pet dog himself and was very attached to it. So at the end of Hounds of the Baskerville, his little comment about not seeing the sentiment aspect is not quite true. I just had to point this little thing out because Sherlock's human side is quite irresistible to us, right?
14th-Feb-2014 01:32 pm (UTC) - How John gets gassed
I may be slow, but are we supposed to believe that John was gassed in the lab because of leaky pipes? We know it wasn't in the sugar but if the pipes in the lab were that leaky then everyone working in the lab would be affected, everyday, all the time. Have I missed something here? Can anyone shed some light?
15th-Feb-2014 12:46 am (UTC) - Re: How John gets gassed
If you notice in an earlier scene John is in a room with pipes and leans in quite close to them - I'd wager that this kind of proximity is less likely among the normal lab regulars.
1st-Aug-2014 11:58 am (UTC)
John is sitting at one of the outdoor tables and, for reasons that I’m sure we’d all like an explanation for, appears to be wearing Sherlock’s Purple Shirt of Sex ™.

Ahem. But he seems to have laundered it about fifty times over, sun-bleached it a bit, and sewn on two silly breast pockets before putting it on. All on that same morning? Not likely.

OK, I see you weren't serious.

While I’m glad that John doesn’t try and mimick Sherlock’s dress style and has a very distinctive style of his own, frankly speaking I think it’s awful most of the time. That greenish jacket he wears earlier on in the episode (in the churchyard) - who would want to be seen walking around in something like that?!

Thank you by the way - I completely missed that reference to the gas being in the leaky pipes until reading this. I always took it for granted that John in the lab actually wasn't drugged at all (the drug not being in the sugar), but just reacted with a "normal" amount of fear to the spooky lights and sounds in there. He certainly recovers very quickly, which I doubt is physically possible with a drug as potent as it must have been, no matter how much you try to rationalise it.

And I have to admit I liked my interpretation better. If the gas had been in the leaky pipes, surely someone would have noticed it. Dr. Frankland of all people had the best of reasons for keeping his experiments secret. He surely would have monitored all his instruments very carefully so as not to give anything away.

Edited at 2014-08-01 12:01 pm (UTC)
26th-Dec-2014 12:29 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for the awesome transcript. I can never find any good ones anywhere, and reading yours makes me super happy and totally not confused about what they say (Netflix sub fails me there.) And I also seriously love the additional comments, particularly the Purple Shirt of Sex and Sherlock and John moments. ;)

Wish I could write as much as the other commenters. :)
9th-Mar-2018 12:10 pm (UTC)
Hey!..... I found your transcript very useful......it is a great job you have done....Sherlock fans like us are lucky to have you!!
11th-Mar-2018 09:52 am (UTC)
Thank you very much!
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