Ariane DeVere (arianedevere) wrote,
Ariane DeVere

Atlin Merrick's birthday

It’s atlinmerrick’s birthday and she, verityburns, and anarion, most of us coughing or bogged down with a cold or other ailments, are all crashing at my place for a long weekend of squealing, loud hysterical laughter, much consumption of shiraz or coke (both of which appear to have a similar effect on the drinker ...), drooling over the Batch and the Angry One, and all of us a little bit dreading The Reichenbach Fall tomorrow but determined to cuddle up and nurse each other through it.

So the three of us, after much frenzied and detailed email consultation with mirith, who couldn’t be here in real life but was determined to be part of the shenanigans in spirit, gave Atlin many Sherlock-related presents and then, as the piece de resistance, presented her with these cupcakes:

I think she was pleased ...

Cakes made by Caketoppers

Tags: fantastic friends at my house

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