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All the links below now go to my blog on Dreamwidth.
If, for some reason, you prefer to use Livejournal, you’ll need to use the appropriate Entry Tag at the bottom of the left column. If, for example, you’re looking for Sherlock transcripts, click on “sherlock episode transcript”.


Episode transcripts

Season 1, Episodes 1 – 3
: Cachu Hwch / Up To No Good / Who The F#!k is Michael Sheen?
Season 1, Episodes 4 – 6: Bara Brith / Ulysses / The Cookie Jar
Season 2, Episodes 1 – 4: Saddle Up Sheen! / Long Time, No See / The Dirty Mochyns / Woofty Doofty, David
Season 2, Episodes 5 – 8: The Warthog And The Mongoose, Parts One and Two / The Loo Recluse / Until They Get Home
DVD – Outtakes: Outtakes
To download a Word or PDF document of all 14 transcripts plus the Outtakes transcript, click here. Click on one of the files called “Staged transcripts – all episodes.” It will open in Preview mode and there should be a ‘Download’ button near the top right which will let you save the file to your own computer.


DVD audio commentaries

Episode 1
: In The Beginning (Neil Gaiman and Douglas Mackinnon)
Episode 2: The Book (David Arnold and Francesco Reidy)
Episode 3: Hard Times (Neil Gaiman and Douglas Mackinnon)
Episode 4: Saturday Morning Funtime (Michael Ralph and Claire Anderson)
Episode 5: The Doomsday Option (Maggie Service and Nina Sosanya)
Episode 6: The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives (Neil Gaiman and Douglas Mackinnon)


Episode transcripts

Season 1
: A Study in Pink / The Blind Banker / The Great Game
                A Study in Pink (pilot episode)
                A Study in Pink - the broadcast episode and the pilot episode compared side by side (downloadable pdf file)

Season 2: A Scandal in Belgravia / The Hounds of Baskerville / The Reichenbach Fall

Season 3: Mini episode: Many Happy Returns / The Empty Hearse / The Sign of Three / His Last Vow

The Special: The Abominable Bride

Season 4: The Six Thatchers / The Lying Detective / The Final Problem

        The transcripts are downloadable (Word and PDF). You can find links to the various versions here.

DVD episode audio commentaries
A Study in Pink / The Great Game / A Scandal in Belgravia / The Hounds of Baskerville / The Empty Hearse / His Last Vow

DVD special feature transcripts
Season 1: Unlocking Sherlock
Season 2: Sherlock Uncovered
Season 3: Fans, Villains and Speculation – The Legacy of Sherlock Holmes / Shooting Sherlock / The Fall
Season 3 Special Edition: Deleted scene from “His Last Vow” / Series outtakes
The Special (The Abominable Bride): Mark Gatiss – a Study in Sherlock / Creating the Look / Mark Gatiss Production Diary and Writers’ Interview / Sherlockology Q&A
Season 4: Behind 221B / The Writer’s Chat / Script to Screen / Set Tour: John and Mary’s Flat / Mark Gatiss Video Diary: On Set / Mark Gatiss Video Diary: Final Scenes / Danny Hargreaves Video Diary / Timelapse: Building 221B

My Sherlock fanfiction, macros, etc
Index here.

CABIN PRESSUREepisode transcripts, reports of live episode recordings, my fiction and macros
Index here.

PRIMEVALmy fiction and macros
Index here.

MISCELLANEOUSthe stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere (including transcripts of the Sherlock parodies; Benedict Cumberbatch in “Look Back in Anger”; and the Frankenstein Q&A with Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonny Lee Miller and Danny Boyle. Plus cupcakes)
Index here.

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