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Ariane DeVere
Cabin Pressure links 
19th-Mar-2013 05:41 pm
CP - welcome to MJN Air

Cabin Pressure episode transcripts, reports on live episode recordings, my fanfic and macros

Episode transcripts
on the Cabin Pressure Fans (CPF) website or on my Livejournal (LJ) blog.

Abu DhabiCPF
GdanskCPF / LJ
Helsinki CPF
Kuala LumpurCPF
NewcastleCPF / LJ
Ottery St MaryCPF / LJ
ParisCPF / LJ
QikiqtarjuaqCPF / LJ
RotterdamCPF / LJ
St PetersburgCPF / LJ
TimbuktuCPF / LJ
UskertyCPF / LJ
VaduzCPF / LJ
WokinghamCPF / LJ
XinzhouCPF / LJ
Yverdon-les-BainsCPF / LJ
Zurich – CPF (part 1) / (part 2) // LJ (part 1) / (part 2)
An interview with John Finnemore (from the CD boxset) including out-takes from episodes – LJ

Cabin Pressure recordings and other live sessions
“Rotterdam” recording Review of the live recording, 11 April 2011

The P, the Q and the DVD Extra (The Wedding Day Special) Review of the live recording of “Paris”, “Qikiqtarjuaq” and part of “Ottery St Mary”, 29 April 2011

Season 4 episode try-out #1 Review of the live performance of an early draft of “Wokingham”, 22 October 2012

”Vaduz” and “Wokingham” recording Review of the live recording, 16 December 2012

Season 4 episode try-out #4 Review of the live performance of an early draft of “Yverdon-les-Bains”, 2 January 2013

Cabin Pressure fic

Lockheed/McDonnell - PG. 1295 words. What happened after the events of “Ottery St Mary”
Translated into Danish and German

The Z Episode - PG-13. 8000 words. There have been several stories written by different authors with their suggestions of how events may unfold after the events of “Yverdon-les-Bains”. This ... is one of them.

Initially, he wanted to be a pilot - PG-13. 18,250 words. A Cabin Pressure/Sherlock crossover fic. Ish. Martin Crieff wakes up in hospital, unable to remember how he got there. When he is told that his entire life is a lie, should he believe it? And who can help him find out the truth? Translated into ITALIAN on AO3.

Sherlock/Cabin Pressure crossover Macros

The Other One (Spoilers for “His Last Vow”)
You're always playing ... (Spoilers for “The Empty Hearse”)
Sherlock and Shappey
Lestrade doesn’t understand the rules (Minor spoiler for “The Reichenbach Fall”)
Understanding people in Ipswich
Just what you need after a goose smoothie
All animals are equal, except sheep
You may be wondering why we’ve asked you all to gather together
32 men went to mow

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