Ariane DeVere (arianedevere) wrote,
Ariane DeVere

Primeval fic: Birthday Denial

Posted in honour of primeval_denial's birthday :-)

Nick lifted his head with a groan. He couldn’t remember how he had got to the ARC, had no recollection of what had knocked him unconscious, and definitely didn’t know why he was stark naked.

He stumbled to his feet and, holding his hands over his delicates, headed for the locker room in search of clothes. The doors opened easily as he pushed them but, when he stepped inside, they swung shut behind him and locked noisily.

Confused, Nick looked around, then swallowed nervously as many members of the ARC staff turned towards him, all of them as naked as he was.

“What’s going on, Stephen?” he asked, trying not to admire the sight of his assistant too much.

“Don’t know,” Stephen shrugged. “We all woke up starkers, made our way here and then got locked in.”

Nick looked around again, frantically trying to keep his eyeline high as he did a mental tally of who was there: Becker, Ryan, Connor, Leek (he suppressed a shudder and had NO problem avoiding looking downwards), various members of the military team whose names he struggled to remember, and even Lester was there. All of them were naked.

All except Danny who, for some reason, had a large red cross pasted over his groin, obscuring the view.

Then Nick noticed something which seemed to explain their predicament. Sitting on a bench near the doors was a large fluffy rabbit. Even more strangely, it appeared to have a smug smile on its face.

Nick rolled his eyes.

“Bloody Denial girls,” he grumbled. “Thank God it’s only their birthday once a year.”
Tags: primeval, primeval fic

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