Ariane DeVere (arianedevere) wrote,
Ariane DeVere

If I ever met Benedict and Martin ...

... it would apparently look something like this ...

Drawing by Squire 09 09 14

My fabulous friend Squire (aka Danlef) drew this for me without any advance warning, and I'm still flailing wildly nearly 24 hours later.

(I would point out that apparently I'm sitting on an upturned box or something in the picture, because I am definitely not shorter than Martin in real life!)

Ah, my dream is to one day cosplay this image with the real Martin and Ben.

Thank you so much for this, Squire! It was such a brilliant surprise.

Original post here on Tumblr if you feel inclined to Like it.

Tags: benedict cumberbatch, fanart, sherlock

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