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Ariane DeVere
“Sherlock” macro community 
29th-Aug-2010 10:27 am
Benedict - Metro
I am ludicrously proud of having just named a new community on LJ. Having got hooked on the recent BBC series Sherlock, I had an idea for a macro but then realised that, unlike Primeval’s ihazanomaly or Doctor Who’s ihasatardis, there didn’t yet seem to be a similar comm for this new series. So I posted a suggestion on sherlockbbc and said that, if anyone was thinking of setting up such a comm, I had come up with what I considered to be the perfect title for it. About an hour later, someone had set the comm up.

If you’ve not seen the series, this will make no sense, and will take too long to explain. If you have seen it, then ... ahem ... as the biological mother of this new comm, I proudly present ... ihasablanket.
5th-Nov-2010 07:37 pm (UTC)
I stumbled onto your blog. It was a delightful stumble! Being able to read the DVD commentaries was much appreciated as well as your wide variety of links. I'm probably also going to now peek long into your new community ;)
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