Ariane DeVere (arianedevere) wrote,
Ariane DeVere

Does anyone have a tame IT whizzkid who I can borrow??

My laptop is a mess. I imagine that it has downloaded something very dodgy, and consequently it barely works. Currently it won't download anything - not even legal programmes from Microsoft, or Skype, for example. Skype itself refuses to work. Internet Explorer suddenly ceased working several months ago, and Chrome is erratic. I logged out of my Hotmail account yesterday and now when I try to go to Hotmail, it goes to the sign-in page but then just stays as a white blank page on Torch, and Chrome shows my inbox but won't let me click and open any emails. I'm having to access it either at work on on my phone. Tumblr images mostly don't load - both photos and animated gifs. Youtube plays the sound but the picture freezes on the first frame. Generally the computer is knackered, and it's only 2 and a half years old.

I'm far too old and pathetic to even know where to start getting it fixed. The last time I got in an 'expert' from the Yellow Pages for my old PC, the guy simply restored everything back to its factory settings, and I would hate to lose some of the programmes I've got, like the lovely old keyboard-friendly Media Player Classic which I use to do transcripts (the newest version which they gave me at work is rubbish in comparison); and I'm really reluctant to simply buy a new laptop because of what I've heard about the horror which is the newest version of Windows.

So I was just wondering whether anyone out there has a trustworthy IT expert who might be able to hack into my laptop remotely and have a jolly good tinker around and sort it out. I would pay for their services - I'm not asking any special favours here - but haven't got a clue where to look for someone.

If anybody has any suggestions of a trusted person I could get in contact with, I'd be very grateful! If you prefer to PM me rather than comment publicly, please do so. I just hope that I don't lose Livejournal any time soon!!

Many thanks.

Ari x

ETA: In the end I gave up and bought a new laptop!

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