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“Sherlock” Special - transcript of extended second trailer released 24 October 2015

“Sherlock” Special – transcript of extended second trailer

For anyone struggling with the dialogue, here’s a quick transcript.

Transcript by Ariane DeVere aka Callie Sullivan. (Last updated 25 October 2015)

SHERLOCK: The stage is set; the curtain rises; we are ready to begin.
BRIDE: You promised to keep him safe. You promised!
SHERLOCK: Come, Watson, come. The game is afoot!
JOHN: Well, Holmes? Surely you must have some theory.
SHERLOCK: We all have a past, Watson. Ghosts – they are the shadows that define our every sunny day. Every great cause has martyrs; every war has suicide missions; and make no mistake – this is war.
MARY: Impossible!
SHERLOCK: Fear is wisdom in the face of danger. It is nothing to be ashamed of. From the beginning, then. ... A moment.
JOHN: Extraordinary.
MRS HUDSON: What a life those gentlemen lead.
MARY: Yes. Those gentlemen.
JOHN: Holmes. Just one thing: tweeds in a morgue?
SHERLOCK: Needs must when the devil drives, Watson.
MAN: Why are you doing this? Tell me who you are!
JOHN: What made you like this?
SHERLOCK: Oh, Watson. Nothing made me. I made me.
WOMAN: Who are you? I demand you speak! Who are you?
SHERLOCK: The name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is two hundred and twenty-one B Baker Street.
JOHN: Little use, us, standing here in the dark. After all, this is the nineteenth century.
SHERLOCK: I have to finish this.
JOHN (handing Sherlock a deerstalker hat): This one.
JOHN: You’re Sherlock Holmes. Wear the damn hat.

And the additional lines from the Australian trailer:
SHERLOCK: You’re not a soldier. You’re a doctor.
JOHN: No, an army doctor, which means I can break every bone in your body while naming them.

A full list of episode transcripts, DVD commentary summaries/transcripts, and transcripts of the DVD special features can be found here.

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