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Sherlock Season 4 – transcript of first trailer

Sherlock Season 4 - first trailer

A transcript of the spoken words in the first trailer released on 24 July 2016, for the benefit of those whose first language is not English.

Transcript by Ariane DeVere aka Callie Sullivan. (Last updated 25 July 2016)

The video of the trailer can be found here.

If you think that I’ve made any errors or have left anything out, do let me know, either in the Comments section below or by PM. (N.B. if you’re not registered with Livejournal, your message may be held unposted until I see and unlock it.)

JIM: Did you miss me? Did you miss me? Did you miss me?
SHERLOCK: Something’s coming. Maybe it’s Moriarty. Maybe it’s not. But something’s coming.
LADY SMALLWOOD: We brought you back to deal with this. What are you going to do?
SHERLOCK: Whatever’s coming, whatever he’s lined up, I’ll know when it begins.
JOHN: Enlighten me.
[TOBY JONES’ CHARACTER]: We’re going to have endless fun, Mr Holmes, aren’t we?
SHERLOCK: Oh, no. No, not endless.
MOLLY: For Christ’s sake, Sherlock, it’s not a game!
LADY SMALLWOOD: You say you know what he’s going to do next.
MRS HUDSON: Get out of my house, you reptile.
MYCROFT: The roads we walk have demons beneath, and yours have been waiting for a very long time.
SHERLOCK: Keep me informed.
MYCROFT: Of what?
SHERLOCK: Absolutely no idea.

A full list of episode transcripts, DVD commentary summaries/transcripts, and transcripts of the DVD special features can be found here.

Or, to download the Episode Transcripts in Word or PDF, click here.

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