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Sherlock Season 4 - transcript of clip from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

A transcript of the clip from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert shown on 9 December 2016, for the benefit of those whose first language is not English.

Transcript by Ariane DeVere aka Callie Sullivan. (Last updated 10 December 2016)

The video can be found here.

LESTRADE (leading John out of the living room at 221B): So how’s it going then, fatherhood?
JOHN: Oh, good, great(!) Yeah, amazing.
LESTRADE: Getting any sleep?
JOHN: Christ, no.
(Sherlock is on the landing putting on his jacket. Greg stops at the top of the stairs and turns back.)
LESTRADE: You’re at the beck and call of a screaming, demanding baby, woken up at all hours to obey his every whim. (He looks pointedly at Sherlock.) Must feel very different.
(John lowers his head to try and hide his smile and follows Greg down the stairs.)
SHERLOCK: Sorry, what?
(He follows the other two.)
JOHN: Yes, well, you know how it is. All you do is clean up their mess, pat them on the head.
SHERLOCK: Are you two having a little joke?
[Your transcriber falls off her chair in delight at the return of the mighty ‘k-click.’]
JOHN: Never a word of thanks. Can’t even tell people’s faces apart.
SHERLOCK: This is a joke, isn’t it?
LESTRADE: Then it’s all, ‘Ooh, aren’t you clever? You’re so, so clever!’
(Sherlock stops on the bottom step while John follows Greg to the front door and takes his jacket from the coat hooks.)
SHERLOCK: Is this about me?
LESTRADE (as an aside to John): I think he needs winding.
JOHN: You know, I think that really might be it.
SHERLOCK: No, don’t get it.

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