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Sherlock, Season 4, episode 1 transcript: The Six Thatchers, part 4

Sherlock, Season 4, episode 1 transcript: The Six Thatchers, part 4

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Sherlock, Season 4, episode 1 transcript: The Six Thatchers, part 4

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NIGHT TIME. COUNTY HALL, SOUTH BANK. Inside the Sea Life London Aquarium housed inside County Hall, Sherlock makes his way along the blue-lit corridors and through the glass tunnels under the water.
TANNOY ANNOUNCEMENT: Ladies and gentlemen, the Aquarium will be closing in five minutes. Please make your way to the exit. Thank you.
(He continues onwards until he reaches an enclosed area with benches where people can sit and look at the various tanks all around. A woman is sitting on one of the benches with her back to him.)
SHERLOCK: Your office said I’d find you here.
VIVIAN: This was always my favourite spot for agents to meet. (She continues looking forward into a tank of sharks and other smaller fish.) We’re like them: ghostly, living in the shadows.
(She turns to look at him. Behind him, fluorescent jellyfish swim in another tank.)
SHERLOCK: Predatory.
VIVIAN: Well, it depends which side you’re on. (She turns away to look into the shark tank again.) Also, we have to keep moving or we die.
SHERLOCK: Nice location for the final act. Couldn’t have chosen it better myself. But then I never could resist a touch of the dramatic.
VIVIAN: I just come here to look at the fish.
(She stands up and takes a few steps closer to the tank.)
VIVIAN: I knew this would happen one day.
(She turns to face him, her handbag hanging from her elbow.)
VIVIAN: It’s like that old story.
SHERLOCK: I really am a very busy man. Would you mind cutting to the chase?
VIVIAN: You’re very sure of yourself, aren’t you?
SHERLOCK (precisely): With good reason.
VIVIAN: There was once a merchant in a famous market in Baghdad.
(Sherlock closes his eyes and lowers his head a little.)
SHERLOCK: I really have never liked this story.
VIVIAN: I’m just like the merchant in the story. I thought I could outrun the inevitable. I’ve always been looking over my shoulder; always expecting to see the grim figure of ...
MARY: ... Death.
(She comes into the room and stops at Sherlock’s side a couple of feet away from him.)
SHERLOCK (not looking round): Hello, Mary.
MARY: Hey.
MARY: On his way.
SHERLOCK: Let me introduce Amo.
MARY (staring at Vivian): You were Amo? (Sherlock looks round to her.) You were the person on the phone that time?
SHERLOCK: Using AGRA as her private assassination unit.
MARY (to Vivian): Why did you betray us?
VIVIAN: Why does anyone do anything?
SHERLOCK: Oh, let me guess. Selling secrets?
VIVIAN: Well, it would be churlish to refuse. Worked very well for a few years. I bought a nice cottage in Cornwall on the back of it. But the ambassador in Tbilisi found out. I thought I’d had it. (She looks towards Mary before returning her gaze to Sherlock.) Then she was taken hostage in that coup. (She laughs.) I couldn’t believe my luck! That bought me a little time.
SHERLOCK: But then you found out your boss had sent AGRA in.
VIVIAN: Very handy. They were always such reliable killers.
SHERLOCK: What you didn’t know, Mary, was that this one also tipped off the hostage-takers.
(Mary turns and stares at him.)
VIVIAN (sitting back down and resting her handbag on her lap): Lady Smallwood gave the order, but I sent another one to the terrorists with a nice little clue about her code name should anyone have an enquiring mind. Seemed to do the trick.
MARY: And you thought your troubles were over.
VIVIAN: I was tired; tired of the mess of it all. (She sighs.) I just wanted some peace, some clarity. The hostages were killed, AGRA too ... (she looks across to Mary) ... or so I thought. My secret was safe. But apparently not. Just a little peace. That’s all you wanted too, wasn’t it? A family, home. Really, I understand.
(Mary glances across to Sherlock but his gaze is fixed on Vivian, who lifts her handbag as if in preparation to stand, and rests one hand on the open top of it.)
VIVIAN: So just let me get out of here, right? Let me just walk away. I’ll vanish. I’ll go forever. What d’you say?
MARY (furiously): After what you did?!
(She starts towards the older woman.)
SHERLOCK (beginning to follow her): Mary, no!
(In a fluid movement Vivian stands, pulling a pistol from her handbag and aiming it at Mary, who stops and backs away.)
MARY: Okay.
(She moves back to stand the other side of Sherlock.)

John is in the back of a cab with a phone to his ear.
JOHN (into phone): London Aquarium. ... Yes, now.
(He hangs up.)

In the Aquarium, Vivian looks down at her pistol which she’s no longer pointing at anyone.
VIVIAN: I was never a field agent. I always thought I’d be rather good.
(Mary scoffs.)
SHERLOCK: Well, you handled the operation in Tbilisi very well.
VIVIAN: Thanks.
SHERLOCK: ... for a secretary.
SHERLOCK: Can’t have been easy all those years, sitting in the back keeping your mouth shut when you knew you were cleverer than most of the people in the room.
VIVIAN: I didn’t do this out of jealousy!
SHERLOCK: No? Same old drudge, day in, day out, never getting out there where all the excitement was. Just back to your little flat on Wigmore Street.
(Vivian gapes.)
SHERLOCK: They’ve taken up the pavement outside the Post Office there. The local clay on your shoes is very distinctive.
(Close-up of Vivian’s dusty shoes.)
SHERLOCK: Yes, your little flat.
VIVIAN: How do you know?
SHERLOCK (quick fire): Well, on your salary it would have to be modest and you spent all the money on that cottage, didn’t you, and what are you, widowed or divorced? (He focuses in on a plain gold band on the index finger of her left hand.) Wedding ring’s at least thirty years old and you’ve moved it to another finger. That means you’re sentimentally attached to it but you’re not still married. I favour widowed, given the number of cats you share your life with.
MARY (nervously, watching Vivian closely): Sherlock ...
SHERLOCK: Two Burmese and a tortoiseshell, judging by the cat hairs on your cardigan.
(Close-up of those hairs.)
SHERLOCK (quick fire): A divorcee’s more likely to look for a new partner; a widow to fill the void left by her dead husband.
MARY: Sherlock, don’t.
SHERLOCK (quick fire, his voice rising as he gets fully into his stride): Pets do that, or so I’m told, and there’s clearly no-one new in your life, otherwise you wouldn’t be spending your Friday nights in an aquarium. That probably accounts for the drink problem, too: the slight tremor in your hand ... (there’s a close-up of her slightly shaking gun hand, then a close-up of her mouth) ... the red wine stain ghosting your top lip. So yes. I say jealousy was your motive after all – to prove how good you are ...
(Vivian’s gaze turns to look towards the entrance as Mycroft walks in.)
SHERLOCK: ... to make up for the inadequacies of your little life.
(Vivian is still looking to where Greg now comes in followed by three uniformed police officers.)
MYCROFT: Well, Mrs Norbury. I must admit this is unexpected.
SHERLOCK (his voice dripping with sarcasm): Vivian Norbury, who outsmarted them all. All except Sherlock Holmes.
(He takes a step forward, holding out his left hand. Mary and the police officers behind her also step forward.)
SHERLOCK (softly): There’s no way out.
VIVIAN: So it would seem. (She smiles a little.) You’ve seen right through me, Mr Holmes.
SHERLOCK: It’s what I do.
(She tilts her head to one side.)
VIVIAN: Maybe I can still surprise you.
(Swiftly she brings up the gun and aims it at Sherlock.)
LESTRADE: Come on. (He points at her.) Be sensible.
(Sherlock holds his hands out to the side. Vivian shakes her head.)
VIVIAN: No, I don’t think so.
(She fires. In super-slow motion the bullet heads towards Sherlock who stands there unmoving. Mary, who had no doubt anticipated that this was going to happen, hurls herself sideways in front of him and the bullet impacts her lower chest. Blood sprays outward and immediately there is a large bloodstain on her shirt. Crying out, she falls to the floor against a nearby bench.)
VIVIAN (spitefully): Surprise.
(Mary rolls over to slump against the back of the bench, gasping in pain. As two of the police officers hurry over to Vivian to disarm her, Sherlock stares at Mary in shock, then drops to his knees to press his gloved hand against the wound. She looks up at him, her eyes wide, and whimpers.)
SHERLOCK: Everything’s fine. It’s gonna be okay.
(He looks round to Mycroft.)
SHERLOCK: Get an ambulance.
(Mycroft turns and hurries away just as John runs in.)
SHERLOCK (to Mary): It’s all right, it’s all right.
JOHN: Mary!
(He races to drop down by her side.)
MARY: John!
(She breathes heavily. Sherlock stands up and steps back and John jams his right hand against the wound, applying pressure to it, and holds the back of her head with his other hand.)
JOHN: Mary? Mary?
(She looks up at him.)
JOHN: Stay with me. Stay with me.
MARY: Oh, come on.
JOHN: No, don’t worry. Don’t worry.
MARY: Oh, come on, Doctor, you can do better than that.
(Her voice breaks on the last word. Sherlock stares down at her, his face full of shock.)
JOHN: Come on, Mary.
(She sobs.)
JOHN: Mary, come on.
MARY: God, John, I think this is it.
JOHN: No-no-no-no, it’s not.
(He looks down to the wound, lifting his hand briefly from it before pressing onto it again.)
MARY: You made me so happy.
(He looks at her and forces a smile.)
MARY: You gave me everything I could ever, ever ...
JOHN: Shh-shh.
MARY: ... want.
JOHN: Mary, Mary ... (he gently shushes her, and runs his free hand over her forehead.)
MARY (tearfully): Look after Rosie.
(He shushes her again.)
MARY: Promise me.
JOHN (in a whisper): I promise.
MARY (sobbing): No.
JOHN (louder): Yes, I promise.
MARY (sobbing): Promise me.
JOHN: I promise. I promise.
(She strokes her hand down the side of his face as he continues trying to shush her. She looks up at Sherlock.)
MARY (tearfully): Hey, Sherlock.
SHERLOCK (still looking down at her in shock): Yes?
MARY: I ... so like you.
(Mycroft comes back in with his phone in his hand and stands a short distance away.)
MARY (to Sherlock): Did I ever say?
(Sherlock smiles slightly, his eyes filling with tears.)
SHERLOCK: Yes. Yes, y-you did.
(He presses his lips together, apparently trying to hold back his tears.)
MARY: I’m sorry ... for shooting you that time. I’m really sorry.
SHERLOCK (softly, trying to force another smile): It’s-it’s all right.
MARY: I think we’re even now, okay?
SHERLOCK (softly, nodding): Okay.
(She yelps with pain.)
JOHN: Mary. Mary.
MARY (her head turning away from Sherlock): I think we’re even; definitely ev... even.
(She looks at John, then gasps against the pain as he continues trying to shush her.)
MARY (sobbing): You ...
(She stares into her husband’s eyes.)
MARY (sobbing): You were my whole world.
(Grimacing with his teeth bared, John rears his head back, his eyes screwed shut in anguish, before lowering it down, his breath shuddering against his tears.)
MARY (now forcing out the words against the pain): Being Mary Watson ...
(John raises his head to meet her gaze.)
MARY: ... was the only life worth living.
JOHN (softly): Mary.
MARY: Thank you.
(Her head drops and she dies. John draws in a breath.)
JOHN (in a whisper): Mary.
(He reaches to touch her chin with his bloodstained fingers, then drops his hand. Sherlock, Greg and Mycroft watch silently. For a long several seconds nobody moves, then John lifts his hand again to put his fingers against the pulse point on Mary’s neck. With his other hand he cradles her head and rests his chin on top of it, staring vacantly into the distance, then he moves his head to the side of her head. Lifting up again, he looks at her open blank eyes and his bloody fingerprints against the side of her neck. Sherlock stares down at them as if he cannot believe what has happened. John’s head drops, and an animalistic howl comes from his clenched teeth. He draws in a breath and howls again, and then again. Sherlock reaches out a hand to touch him but before he can make contact John’s head comes up, his teeth clenched and his face full of murderous rage. He glares up at Sherlock, breathing heavily.)
JOHN (savagely): Don’t you dare.
(He takes several harsh breaths.)
JOHN (savagely, softly): You made a vow. You swore it.
(His eyes wide with shock, Sherlock starts to step back. Nearby, Greg raises his head from the appalling scene and looks across to Mycroft, who returns his gaze. With tears pouring down his face, John turns back to Mary, strokes her hair back and puts his mouth close to her ear.)
JOHN (in a tiny whisper): Mary.
(He sits cradling his dead wife. As Greg passes his hand over his face and Mycroft watches his brother, Sherlock slowly begins to back away.)

The camera pulls up to another tank above the room, and a shark swims across the screen, wiping the scene to a dark corridor along which two police officers are escorting Vivian Norbury. From the look on her face, she has finally realised the seriousness of what she has done, and what the future holds for her.

In a crematorium, a coffin is surrounded by blue flames.

And once again John Watson has no choice but to walk across a graveyard.

Later, we see a close-up of John’s eyes, full of pain. He paces across his living room, repeatedly clenching and unclenching his left hand, the one in which he used to have a tremor. Various baby items are scattered around the room. On the kitchen table his mobile phone buzzes repeatedly but he doesn’t move towards it, now stopped in the living room and gazing in anguish into the distance. As the phone continues to buzz relentlessly, he starts to move again, although it might be that he’s simply rocking from side to side on the spot.
The voice of his occasional therapist Ella overlays the scene.

ELLA (offscreen, echoing): You’ve been having dreams. A recurring dream?
(The scene switches to her (new) office and Ella looks across to the chair facing her, which is currently offscreen.)
ELLA: D’you want to talk about it?
(She waits for a while, while a clock ticks noisily in the background. Apart from that sound, the silence drags on.)
ELLA: This is a two-way relationship, you know.
(She smiles encouragingly. After a few more seconds of silence during which she fiddles idly with her pen, she draws in a breath and breathes out again.)
ELLA: The whole world has come crashing down around you. Everything’s hopeless, irretrievable. I know that’s what you must feel, but I can only help you if you completely open yourself up to me.
(As she was talking, the camera has been pulling back towards the opposite chair and now we see who’s sitting there.)
SHERLOCK: That’s not really my style.
(He meets her gaze for a moment, then lowers his eyes and turns his head away, looking uncomfortable.)
SHERLOCK: I need to know what to do.
SHERLOCK (softly, his gaze distant): About John.

MYCROFT’S HOME. Mycroft walks into his kitchen, leans his umbrella against a wall and puts down his briefcase. Straightening up and stretching his back with a loud crunching sound, he rubs the back of his neck as he walks across to the fridge and sighs as he opens the door. He looks inside and although we can’t see directly into it, it appears that there’s nothing much – if anything – in there. Sighing again, he closes the door. Attached near the top of the door with a fridge magnet is a takeaway menu for a restaurant called Reigate Square. Other takeaway menus are attached lower down, including one for a Thai restaurant with an elephant on the cover. He pulls the top menu from underneath its magnet, revealing a large square Post-It note on which has been written “13th”, double underlined. Looking at the note for a long moment, Mycroft then reaches into his waistcoat to take out a pocket watch on a chain. Looking at it, he then puts it away and turns to a nearby telephone. He picks it up, dials what appears to be a speed-dial number and puts the phone to his ear.
MYCROFT: Put me through to Sherrinford, please. ... Yes, I’ll wait.

MRS HUDSON (offscreen, tearfully): Nothing will ever be the same again, will it?
(The scene switches to the living room of 221B. Mrs Hudson is sitting in John’s chair holding a paper tissue to her mouth. A large book is on the table beside the chair with string wrapped round it. Attached to the end of the string is John’s ‘me-substitute’ balloon. A lot of the air has leaked out and the balloon now hangs down limply. Sherlock is sitting in his chair.)
SHERLOCK: I’m afraid it won’t.
MRS HUDSON: We’ll have to rally round, I expect. Do our bit. (She breaks down in tears again.) Look after little Rosie.
(Sherlock stands up.)
SHERLOCK: Just going to, um ... (he looks around as if uncertain what to do, then points to a small pile of letters next to his open laptop on the dining table) ... look through these things. There might be a case.
(Sherlock sits down at the table and looks at the laptop.)
MRS HUDSON: Oh. You’re not up to it, are you?
(Sherlock’s head drops a little.)
SHERLOCK: Work is the best antidote to sorrow, Mrs Hudson.
MRS HUDSON: Yes, yes, I expect you’re right. (She starts to get out of the chair.) I’ll make some tea, shall I?
SHERLOCK: Mrs Hudson?
MRS HUDSON (staying seated): Yes, Sherlock?
(He blinks several times and half-glances in her direction but then continues to look at the laptop.)
SHERLOCK: If you ever think I’m becoming a bit ... (he pauses and swallows) ... full of myself, cocky or ... (he pulls in a breath) ... over-confident ...
SHERLOCK (turning on his seat to face her): ... would you just say the word ‘Norbury’ to me, would you?
MRS HUDSON: Norbury.
SHERLOCK: Just that. (He pauses for a moment, lowering his gaze, then looks at her pleadingly.) I’d be very grateful.
(Turning back towards where his hand is resting on the correspondence on the dining table, he lifts the top item and pulls out a padded envelope from underneath it.)
SHERLOCK: What’s this?
MRS HUDSON: Oh, I brought that up. It was mixed up with my things.
(Sherlock opens the envelope and pulls out a DVD. It is a plain white disc but written on it are the words


He stares down at it and Mrs Hudson gets out of her chair with a look of shock on her face.)
MRS HUDSON: Oh God. Is that ...
SHERLOCK: Must be.
(She sits down on the arm of Sherlock’s armchair while he loads the disc.)
SHERLOCK (intensely): I knew it wouldn’t end like this. I knew Moriarty made plans.
(For a moment the ‘loading’ circle spins and then the disc begins to play. But it’s not James Moriarty who appears on the screen. It’s Mary. She smiles into the camera and rolls her eyes a little as she speaks.)
MARY: Thought that would get your attention.
(Sherlock sinks back in his chair. Mrs Hudson reaches out and puts her hand over his.)
MARY: So, this is in case ... (she smiles awkwardly at the camera) ... in case the day comes. If you are watching this, I’m ... probably dead. I hope I can have an ordinary life, but who knows? Nothing’s certain; nothing’s written. My old life – it was full of consequences. (She smiles briefly.) The danger was the fun part, but you can’t outrun that forever. (She gestures towards the camera.) You need to remember that, so ... I’m giving you a case, Sherlock.
(Sherlock slowly leans forward.)
MARY: Might be the hardest case of your career. When I’m ... gone – if I’m gone – I need you to do something for me.
(Sherlock swallows. Maybe he’s already worked out what the case is.)

WATSON HOME. Apparently Sherlock has knocked on the door and then stepped back out of the porch. The door opens and Molly comes out, holding Rosie in her arms. She closes the door and comes out to the porch. Sherlock smiles down at his goddaughter.
MOLLY (softly): Hi.
(He nods to her. She returns the nod.)
SHERLOCK (quietly): I just ... wondered how things were going and ... and if there was anything I could do.
(Looking awkward, Molly reaches into the pocket of her trousers and then holds out an envelope.)
MOLLY: It’s, uh, it’s from John.
SHERLOCK (taking it and looking down at it): Right.
MOLLY: You don’t need to read it now.
(She pauses for a moment as he looks at her.)
MOLLY: I’m sorry, Sherlock. He says ... Jo-John said if you were to come round asking after him, offering to help ...
MOLLY (reluctantly): He ... said he’d r... that he’d rather have anyone but you. (Softly) Anyone.
(Sherlock blinks and presses his lips together. Molly, with tears in her eyes, looks down at Rosie and then turns and goes back indoors, closing the door behind her. Sherlock stands there for a few seconds, then turns and walks away, tucking the envelope into his coat pocket.)

MARY (voiceover): I’m giving you a case, Sherlock.
(Sherlock sits in the back of a black cab, his head lowered. It’s possible that he’s looking at whatever was inside the envelope.)
MARY (voiceover): When I’m gone – if I’m ... (she breathes out a shaky breath) ... gone – I need you to do something for me.
[That sentence does sound different this second time.]
(On the DVD recording, the camera focuses in on Mary’s mouth.)

MARY: Save John Watson.
(The focus switches to her eyes.)
MARY: Save him, Sherlock.
(The focus switches to her mouth again.)
MARY: Save him.

Sherlock is walking along the south bank of the Thames near MI6 headquarters.
SHERLOCK (voiceover): When does the path we walk on lock around our feet? When does the road become a river with only one destination? Death waits for us all in Samarra. But can Samarra be avoided?
(As he moves on, the background changes from the riverside scene to dark blue water, with a bright white light shining down into the depths.)

The end credits roll, and then Mary briefly reappears on the DVD, looking intently into the camera.
MARY: Go to Hell, Sherlock.
(The DVD shuts down.)

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