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Ariane DeVere
cabinpressurefans.co.uk RIP; and CP transcripts 
16th-Jan-2019 10:50 am
CP - can I have your attention Not gif
I’m sad to report the demise of cabinpressurefans.co.uk which died doing what it loved: shouting and smoking, and covered in foam. Maybe not. Anyway, unfortunately it’s as dead as Hamilton R Leeman. I just heard back from the webmaster who understandably decided that, because the site is probably rarely visited these days, it wasn’t worth paying to keep it online.

I’ve already seen a couple of people online fretting about the demise of the episode transcripts. Now that CPF has gone, I’m planning to load all of the transcripts to my Dreamwidth blog (and, by default, to my Livejournal). This will take a while, and can I apologise in advance to anyone following me on either blog, who may get inundated with transcripts in your flists and/or Inboxes if I can’t find a way of posting without the entries automatically being flagged to followers.

Once I’ve loaded everything, I’ll post another announcement with a list of links to each transcript. If I’m really in a good mood, I might even make a single downloadable file of all them.

Cabin Pressure Fans is still on Twitter.

16th-Jan-2019 02:08 pm (UTC)
I'm so grateful for all the transcripts you made for Sherlock or Cabin Pressure. I'll happily be inundated with them!
16th-Jan-2019 03:29 pm (UTC)
Really appreciate your dedication to this. I love reading along with the episodes!
16th-Jan-2019 06:06 pm (UTC)
"...which died doing what it loved: shouting and smoking, and covered in foam."

Wonderful line!

Sorry to here about the site's demise, but a huge, huge THANK YOU to you for your hard work; it will be wonderful to have the transcripts saved and feel free to inundate!

You're . . . what's the word? Oh yes : brilliant!!!
17th-Jan-2019 09:26 am (UTC)
*giggles* I was a bit proud of myself when I realised that there was a line from the show which would be appropriate, though I couldn't remember the exact wording and thought to myself, "How can I find out? Oh yes, there are transcripts!"

I couldn't help being a tiny bit peeved about the site going down, because I had been asked to do the earlier episodes especially for that site when the webmaster found that transcripts done by various other people were of a ... um ... varying standard. But as soon as someone contacted me on Facebook about the site's disappearance, and then I saw someone else tweeting their distress, I realised that the transcripts can live on in a new home.
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