Ariane DeVere (arianedevere) wrote,
Ariane DeVere

Cabin Pressure transcripts - now in their new home

After the sad demise of their previous home, all the Cabin Pressure transcripts have now been loaded to my Dreamwidth blog.

As an added bonus, I’ve put together a single document containing all 27 episode transcripts, plus the transcript of the interview with John Finnemore which appeared on the CD boxset and which contains a few out-takes from the show. Basically it’s like a little gang of shops that have gone on holiday together. The 304 page Word document can be downloaded to your own devices.

Full details of how to acquire the downloadable document, plus links to each individual transcript if you prefer that, and links to other Cabin Pressure stuff that I’ve done over the years, are here.

(Special shout-out to redscharlach for her superb icons, many of which I’ve used with the transcripts.)

Tags: cabin pressure, cabin pressure transcript

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