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sherlock fic: Saint Bartholomew, Chapter 4

Title: Saint Bartholomew, Chapter 4
Word count
: 221 (plus a long rambling Author’s Note)
Rating (for the overall story): PG

(To start from the beginning, click here for Dreamwidth, or here for Livejournal.)

[And finally! This started as a 221B ficlet, and so in the interests of symmetry here’s another 221B ficlet to wrap it all up.

This chapter takes place about two years after the previous chapter.]

Saint Bartholomew the bear

my name iz saint bartholomew and i am sherlok holmes’z teddi bear.   john wattson gave me to sherrlock.   they luv each other very muchly.

i livved in a shopp window, then i wuz in a box and then i livved in a cuppboard.   sherlokc openned the door and looked at me nearly evvery day and he smiled at me evvri time.   then he didn’t open the door for a lonng time and i wuz very sad and i misssed him.   one day, john came and loooked att me but he cried and cried.   after that, they didn’t come and look at mee again for a verry long time.   i was verri lonely.

theeze days i liv in 221c bayker street and i iz ever so verry happi.   i don’t go outdoorz much, but today i’m sittinng on a workbench in a differunt labborutorri ... laborra... lubora... a lab.   sherlokk sumtimez duz scarey things in hiz lab, but i aren’t scared about being in this differunt lab, becuz jonn is here and he seemz very excited.   he’s got a gold ring in hiz pokkit and when sherlok gets heer, jon is going to arsk himm to marri him.

where are we, you ask?  where elss?  where it all begann, in the labb in the hosspital which is named after mee.

saint bartholomews.

Author’s Note:

Well, I think it’s finally finished! What started as a simple one-shot 221B ficlet grew and grew, mostly thanks to comments from readers at the end of the original ficlet, especially Batik and AnnieC on AO3 (thank you, you wonderful people!) who made suggestions about what they thought might have happened in between the second and third section of that ficlet. I got so excited with their ideas that I promptly started forming them into a second chapter. Once I realised how sad and angsty it would be, my plotbunny firmly informed me that I would then have to write a fix-it third chapter; and one morning on the train I was inspired by the thought that Saint Bartholomew the bear should write the epilogue!

Looking for a photo of Saint Bartholomew wasn’t wise. I knew roughly what he ought to look like: he (and, by association, Janet Draper’s bear) had to be something that Sherlock wouldn’t find overly soppy, so he had to be a simple brown bear, nothing cutesy, not too fluffy, no smile on the face, definitely no printing on him and no plastic toe beans, especially if they were heart-shaped.

It is never sensible for an arctophile like me to google images of teddies, and I had to firmly stop myself from buying about forty-five of them to add to my already large hug of bears. But the image above kept cropping up and each time I would think, “He looks about right,” and would click the weblink and then realise, “Oh, it’s him again!” After about the fourth time, I took the hint.

There actually is a Bartholomew Bear who looks similar to the one I chose (it’s sold by the same company where I found Sherlock’s bear – you can type ‘Bartholomew’ in their search engine if you’re interested in seeing him), but I felt that he was a bit too pudgy and was verging on cute, which I didn’t think Sherlock would appreciate.

For a short while I was tempted by this bear because his hands and eyes reminded me so much of Sherlock in thinking-mode

NOT Saint Bartholomew the bear

but I decided that he was too smiley, plus he’s not a dark enough brown and his legs look downright weird, and I just felt that Sherlock would like (and John would buy) a more traditional brown bear.

Tags: sherlock, sherlock fic

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